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Carl's Classics 1.52

Carl's classics is a game platform with 14 different games
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Carl's classics is a game platform with 14 different games. It features games like chess, backgammon, checkers, puzzles, mosaics and more. 2 or more people can play versus each other on the same computer, and some games can be played over the network as well.

The layout is simple. On the left side there is a section where you can select which game you want to play and on the right side you have the actual playing area. Each game has its own type of settings, and a scoreboard. In some games like Mosaic and Puzzle in which you have to re-arange images to their original state, you can add images from your computer. The program will automatically make it a puzzle or mosaic and you can choose the number of pieces you want (practically select a difficulty level). Other games, however, have only one difficulty level. In chess, checkers or memorize for example you cannot choose another difficulty level than offered. I played a game of chess and the computer made some blunders that I didn't expect. A higher computer level could be useful. A good thing however is that you can save cessions in certain games if you want to continue later.

A help section has information on how to play every game within Carl's Classics.

Overall, it is a nice collection due to the games it has, and the fact that you can play with others on the same computer is always a plus.

Dennis Niels
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  • Easy to use
  • Many games to choose from
  • Most games can be played with 2 people
  • Supports network playing


  • Some games don't have difficulty settings
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